We grow our own hay at Ravenwood.
We grow our own hay at Ravenwood.


We are located on 360 acres nestled in a valley on the banks of the Raven River east of Caroline, Alberta. Our horses are kept outdoors in compatible social groups for mental well being. We strive to “let horses be horses” by providing them with plenty of space, buddies and the opportunity to fulfill their biological need to “graze” (or at the very least nibble hay) throughout the day. Our fencing is a mix of pipe and rail for safety. 3 sided shelters provide shelter from the unpredictable Alberta climate. Each pasture and paddock is equipped with heated water for year round comfort.

We hope to add a barn and riding arena in the near future. We also plan to expand available pasture areas to better accommodate pasture rotation as part of our environmental farm plan.


We strive to provide a biologically appropriate diet for horses by supplying free choice grass hay if at all possible. We feel the horses benefit both mentally and physically if they are free to perform constant “grazing” behaviour. During summer months pasture is available in the form of native grasses. The exception to this practice are the very small ponies and miniature horses who would be susceptible to founder if allowed free choice access to hay/pasture. These tiny mites are kept on a restricted and carefully monitored diet for their own well being, much to their dismay (sorry lil fellas!). Young horses and broodmares are fed a high fat/low starch extruded feed (Step Right Feeds). All horses are provided with free choice Hoffman’s Mineral and cobalt salt licks. An abundance of apple cookies, black licorice, apples and carrots and lavished upon deserving beasts.



We maintain a regular farrier schedule ensuring everyone is trimmed to avoid problems with overgrowth and breaking off. Our farrier is extremely patient and kind while working with the young horses. The majority of our herd are barefoot year round.


We maintain a regular immunization program to minimize disease risk to the herd. We vaccinate according to our veterinarian’s recommendation for the current year based on our local area and risk factors. Please check out this link for more information on vaccines in Alberta.

Our horses receive their first dental exam as yearlings when wolf teeth removed at gelding. They are power floated prior to being started under saddle and checked annually after that. Our senior equines are floated every 6 months if needed. More info on dental care is available at this link.

We maintain a routine deworming schedule to manage internal and external parasites here at the ranch. Read more about deworming at this link.



Our goal is to provide sane, safe, well rounded and well adjusted equine citizens. We feel the best foundation comes from building positive experience upon positive experience with plenty of ground work and exposure to all kinds of “weird” stuff. Our horses are accustomed to the sights and sounds of a busy working ranch: cattle, tractors, large black Berkshire pigs, chickens and waterfowl, quads, kids, dogs. They are taught to lead, tie, load in a trailer, accept grooming and stand for health care at a young age. We work with several competent trainers to start them under saddle and take over their education after they have a good grasp of basics. We are aiming to produce forward moving, responsive horses and ponies with good self carriage and an emphasis on being safe and sane. We work with prospective buyers to ensure your future horse is a good fit to maximize the chance of a successful partnership.



We are located on the banks of the Raven River. Its absolutely breathtaking!